Diesel Performance, High Performance Mods & Transmission Service in Marble Falls


Dyno Tuning

MD-500SE Mustang Dynamometer

Rated up to 150 mph & 1200 hp

Actual road condition simulation provides maximum accruacy

Tests Horsepower & torque

1/4 mile passes performed

Cars, trucks & motorcycles

Printable graphs


High Performance

Servicing early & late model cars & trucks.

We install tuners, programmers, exhaust systems, intake systems, heads, cams, rockers, ignition systems, stroker cranks, performance suspension systems, big brake kits, lowering kits, shocks, struts, limited slip differentials.  Differential gear swaps and complete differential swaps.  Automatic transmission shift kit, upgraded clutch pack, higher stall torque converter, full built performance transmission installs.

Manual transmission rebuilds.  Performance clutch and lightweight flywheel installs.


Diesel Performance

Specializing in performance diesel transmissions.

One of Suncoast Converters' biggest builders in Texas.

Upgraded valve body or shift kits, Extreme Duty overhaul kits, billet shafts, billet drums, billet converters, billet flexplates & upgraded electronics.